From Short Fiction to Novel – When to Go For It and When to Sit It Out On the Porch


Have you always wanted to write a novel, or perhaps you have many ideas and stories in your brain which you’d like to get out. Well then, if you are sure which novel you want to write, and you have many stories, maybe you can combine them into one, perhaps you should turn them all into short stories in a book. Then after you create these short story you can determine if it is worthy of a full-length novel. If it is worthy of developing the characters, setting the scene, and really getting into something of value, you can proceed.

Now then, you must be perfectly honest with yourself when you do this, you must realize that not every brief story that you create, or every idea that you have needs to be a novel. There are millions of people who have written novels, and most of them aren’t very good, and the ones that are really great, are well worth the time spent in reading. Some are even so good they should be made into full-length movies, which is another thought entirely นิยายวาย..

So when do you decide to go for it and lengthen your brief story into a full-length novel? And when should you decide that perhaps it does much better as a short story, because it tells a quick lesson, and that’s really what you had intended anyway then the other option makes sense. You see, all this depends on your own mind, and if you can have multiple chapters of such a short story which can be lengthened. Most importantly, it pays to create the brief story and see if people really like it, and I don’t just mean your family. I mean critics, literary critics literally.

If you have a very short story, perhaps under 10-pages that you would like someone to go over and read, I am available for that because I am retired. Perhaps we can kick around the idea, offer a few suggestions, and let you do some soul-searching upon consideration of such. Indeed I hope you will please consider this.

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